KOTCL Developer Diaries: guides, polyglots, gifts, and something else

Your Midian Guide

What could be better than having all the necessary information at your fingertips? For that purpose we have the Event Log, which we continue to work on. For example, we plan to add hints for events, event chains, as well as add entries about event developments and future actions. That is we aim to make playing in story mode clearer and more convenient.

What do you think about that? What would you like to see in the Event Log? Share your ideas!

Demons Made It To The Glossary

With the new event visuals comes an update to the Knowledge Books. Representatives of the cunning demon race have got their own icons this week. Now they definitely won't be able to cloud the minds of our heroes and lead them astray!

Polyglotting Little By Little

We’ve received and continue to receive requests to translate the game into different languages, and we would gladly do it as quickly as possible, but this work has many hidden tasks in it.

At the moment, the localization work is still ongoing. We’re already considering the question of selecting fonts for different languages, which is not an easy task, but we’re not easily intimidated. So below we’re sharing the current results. Of course, some aspects can still change, and will definitely change. What do you think? Or, maybe ¿Qué le parece? Was meinen Sie dazu? 어떻게 생각하시나요? :)

Attention! A Survey!

This week we’ve asked you which of the covers for the DLC “Millenis Nightmares” you like the most. The DLC is to be expected after the release.

Don’t walk past—every voice will be heard, and perhaps yours will be the decisive one.

It Was Legendary

The cards for the heroes’ decks are divided into classes—common, golden, and legendary. However, apart from their colors and effects, cards of higher classes don’t visually differ from other in any way. As part of working on effects, we thought of giving the heroes unique movements to visually indicate that something truly legendary is about to happen. We pitched this idea to our animators, and here's what came out of that.

How About Some Chit-Chat?

Hi everyone, this is Andrew aka Innrey, the founder of RedBoon. Today, I want to share some thoughts with you about player feedback and its importance.

For us, every review, every comment, every suggestion is a valuable source of information that helps us make our game better, as I’ve mentioned many times before. We always try to take your opinions, wishes and recommendations into account. After all, it’s you, our players, who will ultimately enjoy the finished game with us. Your feedback helps us to catch and fix bugs, improve the game play, and add new interesting features.

Lately, we've been receiving an especially large amount of commentaries. Some of them are truly wonderful and important, and we eagerly discuss them with the whole team. However, there are also times when we encounter negative feedback and even quite loud expressions of disappointment. When a player expresses their emotions in a review due to disappointment or offense, it can be caused by various reasons—from technical issues to personal preferences, and that's an inevitable part of a developer's life.

For example, a player wrote quite an emotional comment about not liking the mechanics of one of the heroes. They mentioned that they've spent relatively little time in the game (by our standards). They provided several arguments based solely on a superficial acquaintance with the hero. But I want to emphasize that we do care about this review. Really, we do understand that the gameplay simply didn’t click with this player. It's completely normal, which is why all our characters and classes are distinctly different, so that everyone can find gameplay that suits them.

Another example—we've received many requests to increase or decrease the game’s difficulty. To address this, we’ve even introduced four difficulty levels. We hoped that this would address all negative aspects regarding difficulty. However, as practice has shown, many players immediately choose the most difficult one and then heavily criticize it. We even liked one description of the difficulty: 'apparently designed for cyber athletes in the CCG genre.' We're even thinking of adding it to the game :) But for now, we've decided to restrict playing on the 'Nightmare' difficulty level until you complete the game at least on 'Hard'. As you can see, all these changes work only when we receive feedback. Because if we know what the problem is, we can search for a solution.

In conclusion, I’d like to emphasize the importance of your feedback and express immense gratitude for your participation in the development process. Your opinion is what makes us better, helps us see our weaknesses, and find ways to improve them. Please write reviews and reach out for help. We’ll be happy to assist you and answer your questions.

See you next week!