KOTCL Developer Diaries: Flying Steady

Leave Your Mark

We'll start with news from Vanadis. After teaching the archer and her pets some new tricks, we made sure to create explanatory icons which players will see among other Vanadis’ talents. With their help, you can learn more about summoning a certain pet and the effect it will produce when it appears on the battlefield.
By the way, the UI ranks have gotten reinforcements! We report: some “new recruits”, we mean new icons, will now appear in the enemies' intentions. A raised flag over an enemy's head clearly indicates their readiness to surrender, while the second intention clearly doesn't bode well. Be careful, and don't say we didn't warn you!

Animation Turbulence

Right on course, there's a small cluster of animations. Hold on tight!

The game events continue to gradually come to life. Now, the stern thresher-orc will pose for you until you've seen enough of him, or you come to some sensible agreement with him. And once again, we’re warning you—be careful, you know what the inhabitants of the Crimson Steppes are capable of.
It's best not to venture into the Rotten Bog without necessity; the place is named that for a reason. If you're lucky enough to avoid the cultists, zombies, and other evil things, the bog itself might intervene in your journey. This elven druid got swamped in search of a particularly important sacred site. Should you help him? The choice is yours.
Bjorn got a few more effects from the legendary cards. The Scarring buff finally got a visual representation. We think it really suits Bjorn and his alter ego. What do you think?
"If an enemy proves too tough, I can always retreat," - that's what some of our heroes' adversaries think at a critical moment in battle. For instance, the potion seller decided to demonstrate a master class on how to quickly and effectively escape what seemed like certain demise. Everything went well, except he lost his hat in his haste. He'll probably come back for it... someday.

Speaking and Showing

This week we were shooting a new episode of our video diary. In it we shared some news, answered your questions and talked about our plans for the future and, of course, about KOTCL. Oh, and we talked about balance, too—it’s unavoidable, especially when there's someone to talk about it with. Overall, it was great! The video will be out soon, but for now, here's a sneak peek backstage :)

How About Some Chit-Chat?

Hi, this is Andrew aka Innrey, the founder of Redboon. This week was very intense, although it didn’t bring much news.

After unsuccessful pitches to various publications about the release announcement, we're not giving up and are actively promoting our game. We're thinking and coming up with ideas and ways of realizing them. In this context, I find myself reminiscing more and more about the very beginning of our studio and our game: what it was like back then, who was on my tiny team, where we started from, how everything was created. Also, working on the studio logo’s animation reminded me of its creation. I'll share some variations of the logo with you.
Look how great it is! The Cthulhu one is especially good :) I won't give myself over to nostalgia right now, but I promise to tell you more soon. Those who are interested in learning about us—stay tuned for news.

As for other work fronts, there's much to be done, with four months to the release. There are various problems and difficulties, but I’m confident that we will overcome them. We've invested so many years and effort, and other resources into this project that simply must overcome everything.

I hope that you will see our new activities quite soon, as soon as we finish working on the new content that we've been hinting at in our diaries and beyond, that is. So follow us on our social media and go to our Discord; we interact with the players a lot, and we often organise nice key giveaways.

See you next Friday!