KOTCL developer diaries: Happy May Day!

Rad Moves

Our animation department never sleeps. Let us clarify: we're not holding anyone hostage in the basement—it's all strictly voluntary and out of love! The results of this fruitful work are not only new event animations, but also renewed Spine-animations of characters. This time it was a goblin’s turn. He’s armed with a whole arsenal of a real bomber. I wonder if he’s a distant relative of the bandit we’ve already met in the Heathlands? Their styles seem to be very much similar.

Updating Our Heroes’ Closet, Picking UI

We’re preparing an update for our heroes. It won’t be a simple update, but a very interesting one—we’ll tell you more about it later. Meanwhile, our artists temporarily turned into haute couture designers, simultaneously testing the best UI options for choosing heroes’ appearances. We’re eagerly sharing the very first sketches with you.

Still Life

When walking around the swamps, keep your ear to the ground and your ears peeled. You also better not touch anything. However, there are always some who won’t mind the boots on the unfortunate person below. Although he’s not that unfortunate, if you think about it—we’ve updated the event art and animated it. Yet another event is finished!

The Winds Of Change

During the game, you can encounter side effects that cause changes in the hero's characteristics. Of course, that requires visual representation, otherwise this important moment can go overlooked in the heat of battle. Our animators have prepared a couple of rough drafts; we’re still choosing the most fitting one. What do you think? Which of the effects do you like better? Share your opinion in the comments; this is extremely important to us.

How About Some Chit-Chat?

Hey everyone, this is Andrew aka Innrey, the founder of RedBoon. I‘ve stopped by just to say a few words. Holidays are holidays, but work doesn't stop, and we have a lot to accomplish.

As part of preparing a major patch, our whole team had a mass stream and tested the update on a closed developer branch. Periodically, we organize such events to collectively assess the overall results of our work, identify issues, things that we like and things that stand out, and at the same time we catch bugs. One head is good, but a whole studio is much better. I must say, the stream was productive and useful. Right now, we're making the final tweaks and finalizing what's left to prepare. I really hope that we'll be able to bring you an update soon.
In last week’s diary, I mentioned crunches, and players expressed their opinions on that in our Discord server. Honestly, it's very heartwarming, friends, that you care and worry so much about us and our game. Your care actually gave us more energy :) In turn, I'll tell you that we'll try our best to get by without much overtime work, but I can't promise to avoid it completely. Time is an extremely valuable resource, and it has a way of slipping away unnoticed. And we have less and less of it.

I think next week will bring you more varied news.

We wish everybody that has a holiday ahead a good rest and for those that don’t we wish you to have a great weekend!

See you in a week!