Where does the Knock on the coffin lid roadmap lead

Of course, talking about upcoming work is always easier than working. But a roadmap is a cool and useful tool. Thanks to such infographics, it immediately becomes clear that the work processes are not spontaneous, but it is also clear that there is a lot of work. Really a lot.

We hope that now it will be even more interesting for you to follow the project and its success. We are very interested 😄

We divided all the work into 8 stages:
Now a little more detail about each of them:

  • We are planning a new game mode "Millennis Nightmares" will be available after the first play for any hero.
  • Finally, a leaderboard will appear in the game so that the community knows their heroes by sight!
  • For those who are tired of the game and require mire action, we are going to present a completely new game mechanic - quests. It will include unique trophies, cards, enemies, and even (drum roll) dungeons!
  • Those who actively follow the plot will see the full story of Björn with videos and travel notes.
  • Suddenly and unexpectedly, it turned out that we can add a Chinese translation. This is a serious and important step for us, we hope the Chinese localization will attract more players!
  • We offer to shout and stomp ― very soon (well, relatively), we will delight you with a new hero! We have plans to develop game mechanics and open Vanadis on test brunch. It seems like it's time to learn how to go to the test branch :)
  • Mechanics are certainly good, but where without history? After we deal with the technical part, it's time to share the Vanadis story as well.
  • The canon ending ― we will probably leave this intriguing point without explanation :)
  • And yes! We highlighted the item "porting the game to mobile devices" with a red marker. (there is a chance that we are waiting for this more than you)

Of course, such a volume of work takes time, but we will definitely do it! All thanks to the unburning enthusiasm of the team and your warm support ✨

your dedicated RedBoon team💙