KOTCL Developer Diaries: choosing, multiplying, rocking out

We Don’t Add, We Multiply

The creation of effects continues, and quite successfully. Here are the animations for the hero’s strength multiplier. We hope this helps you quickly orientate yourself on the battlefield and then deliver a crushing blow to the enemy.

Demonic Cow!

Our animation team is hard at work creating effects for the demonic set. It's so unpredictable that keeping track of its 'gifts' can be quite challenging. Clearly, it lacked good visuals. Here are our first sketches!

2 set items have a rather insidious side effect—giving or taking away strength. But after all, those who don't take risks won't collect the demonic set, right?
4 items from the set will be displayed as demonic wings before the battle, and they will also provide protection from damage.
And if you are lucky and daring enough to collect a set of 5 items, you will gain true demonic power while the hero is exposed.

Agony Of Choice

Earlier, we repeatedly mentioned a grand quest that will help you find a way to defeat Millenis. To highlight the answers that will definitely bring you closer to your cherished goal, our artists have come up with several marking options. What do you think about these options? Which one is more suitable for this purpose? Write your opinions in the comments.

“You’re just a deck of cards!”

Not true at all. We’re working hard to ensure that the cards in hand have bright and vibrant visual effects reflecting their properties. Attack, debuff, burning, skill, and more—all of these will be in the game very soon. Stay with us to find out :)

How About Some Chit-Chat?

Hello again, it’s Andrew aka Innrey, the founder of RedBoon.

Half of May has already passed by. Honestly, I didn't even notice, and now there's hardly any time left until the end of the month. And we have lots of plans, as always.

I've already mentioned that we plan to release a major game update this month, so our whole team is working hard to make this possible with minimal setbacks. The game designers are diligently working on unique cards, polishing the glossary, and refining the enrage mechanics for bosses and elite fights. By the way, they've almost finished boosting the enemy rage in the Crimson Steppes, the Frontier and the Bog are already done, and next up is the Northern Gate. Together with the artists, animators, and developers, we’re updating the free run mode; the travel log won't be left without our attention either. The writers are finishing and implementing new important quest dialogues and lines, and our sound designer is composing music and creating sound effects.

Speaking of music, the development of artificial intelligence is progressing by leaps and bounds, and we couldn't stay on the sidelines. One evening, we spontaneously gathered to experiment with these new technologies. With a bit of effort and imagination, we created the fun track below about our, probably, most mysterious character. We even enlisted an orc’s help to play electric guitar. And now we're thinking if we should put together a whole band! :)
Well, enough jokes, let’s get back to business. Work is cooking on all fronts, and soon we’ll test the results and find and fix errors and bugs. Overall, things are looking lively and busy here. The whole team is working very hard so that soon you’ll be able to experience everything we've been talking about and showing you in the diaries. And there's definitely a lot to see.

Well, that's it. See you next Friday!