New patch 0.85.03 is avaliable

Patch 0.85.03 with new content and a bunch of fixes is available now. What's inside?


🔸 Updated version for MacOS

🔸 Changed the offset of units in battle when summoning helpers

🔸 Added display of karma for answers in events that have been previously clicked (and changed the appearance of the buttons)

🔸 Added ability to send bug reports from the main menu

🔸 New sounds for Ritualist's Ichor Magic

🔸 New music for the "The hungry demon" event

🔸 Added animation for the event "Dying Bandit", in the development of the event without the bandit himself

🔸 Added animation for the event "Ferocious Bear", in the event development without the bear

🔸 Added animation for the event "Abandoned tavern", in the development with the death idol

🔸 Added animation for the "Demonic Blacksmith" event

🔸 The "Coveted Trophy" event has received minor edits to the animations

🔸 Added new visual effects for: Burning, Poison, Healing and Miss

🔸 Added animation for the event "Marauder", in the development of the event without the marauder himself

🔸 Added animation for the event "Bomber", in the development of the event without the bomber itself.

🔸 Added animation for the event "Gone astray"

🔸 Added visual effect for "Blight" debuff

🔸 Added animation for "Goblin Idol" event

🔸 Weapon "A Thief's Knife" added type of animations for one-handed weapons

🔸 The unit "Son" has received an updated escape animation

🔸 Added animation for "Keeper of Fear" event

🔸 Added animation for the event "Sniper", in the development of the event without the sniper himself

🔸 Mortis' phrases now don't disappear while the cursor is over them


🔸 Fixed the problem of potions disappearing

🔸 Fixed slot jumping when summoning allies in the battle with the High Goblin

🔸 "Dwarven Axe" - fixed display on Vanadis

🔸 Fixed the “Self-destruction” card upgrade, now damage is correctly applied

🔸 Bandit armor now gives correct characteristics

🔸 Fixed localization of “Golden claws” buff.

🔸 “Hedgehog” card now works correctly as a talent

🔸 Fixed skipping battle in the Crimson Steppes

🔸 Helmet of Batu the Smart now correctly imposes weakness.

🔸 Fixed Space button working when getting rewards

🔸 Fixed Mortis’ phrase when encountering an enemy (animals)

🔸 Added description for "Hedgehog" buff

🔸 Fixed display of "Vassal Armor" on Vanadis

🔸 Fixed the ‘Plague Priest’ card, now gives correct values

🔸 Special Event (spiky question mark) has updated part of the icons on the map to one type, depending on the path state.

🔸 Fixed a number of freeze in different places of the game

🔸 Added a corresponding icon for the "Token" buff.

🔸 Fixed the size of the icon that pops up from the demonic boots buff.

🔸 Fixed display of the “Leather helmet’ on Vanadis

🔸 Fixed a bug where on the class selection screen for Vanadis, when hovering over items and the cards behind them, a white background from the card in the portrait would appear.

🔸 Fixed Potion Merchant model in combat

🔸 Fixed softlock in one of the battles with Gram

🔸 Fixed a bug in Vanadis' answers when skirmishing with the Patrol

🔸 "Ritual Keeper" has received minor animation edits and new visual effects for abilities

🔸 "Armadillo" units received minor animation tweaks